Another Snippet from KNIGHT OF THE WHITE HART

Here – take a wee break from the spaceships and lose yourself in a more courtly time 🙂

Kathryn 'Kit' Marlowe

NaNoAnother sample from the NaNoWriMo novel, Knight of the White Hart, loosely adapted from the medieval Breton lay of “Guigemar” by Marie de France:

The way ahead grew lighter and Guigemar blinked in surprise. The trees began to thin out and Piffoel increased his pace, though he seemed to remain mindful of the delicacy of his rider. The sea refuses no river, Guigemar remembered from some sermon he had heard in Arthur’s chapel. The river met the sea with something akin to gratitude and Guigemar’s heart swelled once more with hope.

The jumble of rocks at the water’s edge promised little mercy, but the rhythm of the waves had always soothed his spirits. The cool spray caressed his cheek and freshened his skin. It calmed the fever that raged through his skin, but he shivered with the change.

He was very ill, very weak. For a moment…

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