In Development: The Superfluous

Love it!

K. A. Laity

The Superfluous

They weren’t just expendable:
they never should have been there in the first place!

“It’s like The Expendables but with broads, magic, werewolves and machine guns!” says our PR team.


When a heroic young woman speaks truth to power, she winds up in a secret prison behind the Oz curtain, where no government agency can find her — even on Google maps. It would take high-level magical skills, mad martial arts and a reckless disregard for personal safety to go in and rescue her. This sounds like a job for —

The Superfluous!

A crack team of independent operators, they only come together for special projects like this, abandoning their seemingly ordinary lives for just one chance to do right in the world — and maybe kick a few deserving keisters into the bargain.

JAY ‘SPACE COWGIRL’: The only thing deadlier than her wit is her .357…

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