Airships and Alchemy 12.3 – Lintons Aloft

Kathryn 'Kit' Marlowe

2013-Winner-Square-ButtonIn the meantime, the brothers meant to be aloft as soon as humanly possible. They swiftly put away the toolbox and made ready to fire up the engine. Israel still flinched a bit whenever the engine began to belch out smoke, but they had had many safe flights since the disastrous fire back in Yorkshire, so his brother could not understand it and simply grumbled under his breath.

“Keep a watch on our things,” Edgar said needlessly to the French crew on the ground assigned to keep an eye on the brothers’ site. The two of them began to guide the ship aloft as the engine chugged away. Though their first interest had always been in speed, Israel had insisted on a little more attention being paid to safety.

But Edgar remained certain that they had the faster ship and he was eager to show it off.

“I can see…

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