Five Gay Men I Lust After

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

I confess. Like blog sisters Alexa and Kiersten, I don’t read m/m romances. But I love C. Margery Kempe’s writing—I will read Man City: Martin. It’s odd that I don’t read m/m. After all, there are so many gay men that I lust after. In my real life, I have several guy friends who are gay—all of whom are attractive, but we’re friends, so I don’t really lust after them. But there are several gay celebs that I’d not kick out of bed should the opportunity arise. Grin. Feast your eyes on my top five gay hotties way out of my reach–for more than one reason.

1. Ricky Martin. Who was not heartbroken when he finally came out? Oh. My. God.  I love to watch him move.

2. Andrew Scott. Sweet and naughty boy. Looks like he needs a spanking, doesn’t he? Me-ow.


3. Matthew Bomer…

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